If you would like to contact the A Cappella Singers, to arrange a concert or perhaps join the choir, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact one of the following for more information:

  • Lucille Peat (Secretary) - 01254 249280
  • Elaine Johnson (Chairman) - 01200 427703

Should you wish to arrange a concert, it will always be appropriate to the season and the type of venue – e.g. church, hall, etc. Two or more members of our Committee will usually visit the venue to look at the seating, piano/organ, etc., so that we can tailor the concert to the accommodation available.

We make a charge to cover our expenses, which include music hire and the fee of our professional concert accompanist. Any further proceeds from sale of tickets etc. are available for your own charity, church, or other cause, so clearly the financial success of the event will depend on the number of tickets you can sell.

We can provide a master copy of poster, flyers, tickets, for you to print, and will produce copies of the programme for the concert. Our Publicity Officer, Gill Broom, will arrange for press releases to appear in the relevant local papers at suitable intervals leading up to the concert.